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Juhtmevaba 4-pordine ruuter 802.11g kuni 54 Мbit/s, USB 2.0 printserveriga

Wireless Networking
Create a wireless network for your home/SOHO using the D-Link Wireless G Router. Connect the Wireless G Router to a broadband modem to wirelessly share your high-speed Internet connection and enjoy surfing the web, checking e-mail, and chatting with family and friends online. The 'Guest Zone' function provides secondary SSID of wireless connection and secondary routing domain, separating them from the main network domain for better security and management.

Security Protection
The D-Link Wireless G Router includes a built-in firewall that safeguards your network from harmful attacks. It minimizes the threats of hackers and prevents unwanted intruders from entering your network. Additional security features like MAC address filtering prevents unauthorized network access and parental control features prevent users from viewing inappropriate content. The Wireless G Router also supports WPA and WPS encryption for wireless security.

D-Link’s easy-to-use Wireless G Router includes basic routing and security features to help you create a simple wireless network for your home and office.

Printer And Ethernet Connections
The Wireless G Router includes a USB port for connection to a USB printer for sharing on the network. It also provides four Ethernet ports ready for you to connect Ethernet-enabled PC, game consoles and other devices to the Internet.

Easy To Install And Use
With D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), you can set up your wireless network in minutes. The wizard will guide you through an easy to follow process to install your new hardware and connect to your network. It configures your Internet Service Provider (ISP) settings to quickly establish broadband Internet connectivity, and makes it easy to add new wireless devices onto the network.

What This Product Does
Connect this Wireless G Router to a cable or DSL modem and wirelessly share Internet connection and your USB printer with multiple computers at home or the office. An integrated 4-port Ethernet switch also provides instant connection for computers, game consoles and other Ethernet-enabled devices through the network cables. This router creates a high-speed and completely secure network for you to share photos, files, music, video, printers, storage, and to make Internet phone calls and play on-line games.

Ultimate Connection
This Wireless G Router is designed for easy and robust connectivity among heterogeneous standards-based network devices. Computers can communicate directly with this router for automatic opening and closing of UDP/TCP ports to take full advantage of the security provided without sacrificing functionality of on-line applications.

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